About Production of this site It has taken many years to get the information together for the pages of the site. This includes reading, and in some cases re- reading, a number of published books on the history of Orpington and it’s district. We have also purchased a number of documents that have allowed us to scan and display many very interesting images and articles The aim of the site is to give a professional feel to a subject that is a commonly thought of as a casual hobby or pass time interest. The OHO is not making any money and is run by volunteers. Us? A small group of like minded local history enthusiasts. Many people have given permission to use their images and accounts on this site. We thank them. Research There are a number of books published on the local history of Orpington and its surrounding areas. We have researched a number of items of literature to put this website together. The time line and other references are our interpretation from historical evidence (which we feel are reliable). We strive to ensure these are factually accurate but cannot be held responsible if they are not correct. We have used a number of images, with permission, from the Orpington History Page from the Wheeler Systems Ltd Website. Click Here. We thank Mr Phil Wheeler for his continued support. Mr Philip Lane of Philip Lane Photography continues to be a supporter of this organisation and kindly permits the use of images within his own collection (’PLC’). We are extremely grateful for the support and guidance Philip gives us. Some photos have also been copied from www.geograph.org.uk - the copyright of these are retained by their photographers with the photos licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence. Specific references to photographers has been made in the notes on each image where possible but special thanks goes to Mr Ian Capper who has provided many and continues to support this website. Donations We are very pleased to accept any donations of money via PayPal or cheque and physical collections in person or secure postage. All financial donations are used to purchase marketing materials, hold events and purchase important items at auction etc. Paypal - Please use the link here to donate whatever you would like: Cheque - Please contact the Organiser for an address and name to make the cheque payable to: research@orpington-history.org Collections, Images and Articles - Please contact the Organisor to discuss and make arrangements for any physical donations or loans of material: research@orpington-history.org Visiting Orpington and Bromley Central Libraries Orpington and Bromley Libraries have a large amount of items within their respective Local History departments. A number of items that are kept at the libraries have been used as references in this site. The two mentioned Libraries hold many many interesting items that accurately take account of Orpington's history. Support the Library service by visiting Orpington or Bromley, you can loose half a day easily looking at the reference material. London Borough of Bromley Site - Click on this link London Borough of Bromley Site - Libraries - Click on this link London Borough of Bromley Site - Bromley Local Studies and Archives - Click on this link Orpington Library - Click on this link Telephone: 01689 831551 Fax: 01689 873513  e-mail: orpington.library@bromley.gov.uk  Bromley Library - Click on this link Telephone: 020 8460 9955 Renewals: 020 8460 8567 Fax: 020 8466 7860 e-mail: central.library@bromley.gov.uk 
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